Meeting Minutes (24-04-2016) & 2016 Elections Results

Thank you all and once again a very successful meeting. It was indeed encouraging to see an impressive number of people sparing their valuable time to attend the meeting, this bring us more hope for a brighter future ahead. Meeting Attendees Modou Jobarteh, Dou Lamin Makalo, Alieu Sankareh, Kekuta Jallow (Kex), Ebrima Sankareh, Tata Dampha, Modou Barry (MB), Salif Darboe, Balla Bamba, Abdoulie Sidibeh, Modou Khan, Samba Baldeh, Kunta Sankareh, Lamin Jawo, Baba Boss Drammeh, Sarja Camara, Sulayman Sankareh, Isatou Danso Jawo, Amie D Sankareh, Salimatiou J Sankareh, Adama Jatta Camara, Jane Smith DISCUSSION POINTS PayPal account – The Foundation's PayPal account is now up and running and as we

2016 Executive Board Nominations Result

THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU to all those who have nominated. We understand that these nominations have been extremely challenging to some of you for the simple reason that you know very little about where everyone is at in terms of skills and expertise. In fact this has prevented quite a lot of you from nominating which is understandable. We could have done this the simple way by putting an ad hoc committee together to drive the association forward without following due democratic process, but history tells us that this approach rarely works. So instead we have opted for doing things differently by making sure that everyone has has a voice in the process. As we make steady but real pr

Achieving Success Through Active Participation

For anyone who has been part of a successful business, union, association etc. understands the value of communication and being proactive. Oftentimes people will want to take a back seat and allow others to lead the way even though group dynamics play a very important role in driving associations forward. There have been examples of lots of societies failing not because there were no genuine desire to succeed, but by the lack of communication amongst group members, complementing group efforts and contribution of ideas to group discussions and matters. Participation by every group member in the decision making process, key issues and group activities are key to any group’s success. Normally e

Welcome To Your New Home of Janjangbureh Foundation

Welcome to your new Janjangbureh Foundation website. Design to keep you informed and updated with the affairs of the association and developments taking place within Janjangbureh. This website seeks to give you every information that you need to know about the association. Before going into details of how to find information on this site, I would like to say a special thank you to all those who have contributed technically or content wise in ensuring that the website is up and running within a relatively short space of time. Also a big thank you to Muhammed L. Saidykhan for contributing the first blog of this site. Muhammed is a native of Janjangbureh who has taken a keen interest in Journal

Recounting On Janjangbureh Cultural Festival

Janjangbureh is a town founded in 1832, on Janjangbureh Island in central Gambia. It was formerly known as Georgetown and was the second largest in the country. It is now the capital of the Central River Region and is best known as home to Gambia’s main prison. It is also noted for being the site of the first Methodist church in the sub-Saharan Africa and the first high school - Armitage senior secondary school, formerly Armitage high school. The island is known locally as McCarthy Island, and is located in what used to be called McCarthy Island Division. The island is accessed by bridge from the south bank, and small boat ferries or government ferry on the north bank. In 1995, both the city

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