Janjang nin Bureh, MacCarthy, GeorgeTown - The Town With Three Names

Janjangbureh Island is 300km upstream from the capital city Banjul. This former British colonial settlement was founded in 1823, when the king of Lower Niani, Kolli Camara, ceded the island to Britain. It is 20 square kilometers wide Island with an estimated population of 3, 600 and it is still the central administrative headquarters of the Central River Region – one of eight Local Government Areas in the country. Janjangbureh was formerly known as Lemaine, before being renamed by the colonial settlers (after Sir Charles MacCarthy) as McCarthy Island and Georgetown. In 1995 it was renamed Janjangbureh (after Janjang and Bureh - the first siblings who settled on the island). However, Janjangb

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