Janjangbureh Foundation 2017 Annual General Meeting - Minutes

Attendees - Modou Jobarteh, Doulamin Makalo, Alieu Sankareh, Kekuta Jallow, Ebrima Sankareh, Baba Boss Drammeh, Yaya Barry, Alieu Seesay, Nmamma Dampha, Momodou Barry (MB), Balla Bamba, Saikou Dampha, Alieu Sohna, Jane Smith, Mbassey Sambou, Mammy Dampha Sankareh, Maimuna Bojang Jobarteh, Kissima Juwara and lots of beautiful children.. Click here for 2017 AGM gallery photos. First of all our warmest thank you to all the attendees without whom this would not have been a success. A special thank you to our elders and Jane Smith (Just ACT) who have shown tremendous support by turning out in good numbers. Your support haven’t gone unnoticed and on behalf of the executive and the general members

Silent Participation

For anyone who has been part of a successful association, business, union etc understands the value of communication and been proactive... Many a times people will want to take a back bench and allow others to lead the way. Even though group dynamics play a very important role in driving associations forward, it must not be overshadowed by a silent majority and non participatory members. There have been examples of lots of societies failing not because there were no genuine desire to succeed, but by the lack of communication amongst group members, complementing group efforts and contribution of ideas to group discussions and matters. Participation by every group member in decision making,

JJB Nawettan is back again in a way never seen before... Islanders are you readyyyyyy!!!

The Nawettan is set to commence on saturday 5th August and it probably is the best ever to be stage in JJB in terms of incentive and prices. Who will be crown as champions and who are going to win individual prices. May the best team win... 20 Gold medals Cortesy of Sulayman Sankareh, trophies for champions, Leading goal scorer, best player, players player and most discipline player all are to be won by the best of the best. Good luck to all teams and players... Let us see the best of JJB.

JJB Foundation AGM Saturday 5th August

Please find below the programme of events for the first ever annual general meeting of the JJB Foundation in the UK. We strongly encourage JJB natives to attend this unique opportunity to discuss important matters of the town and also see people you have probably miss for a while.

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