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Updated: May 29, 2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all and friends of Janjangbureh

The committee wishes to bring to the attention of everyone that it is aware of an ongoing effort from a group in the name of Janjangbureh that are seeking funds on behalf of the town to which donations are been made. This is indeed a good intention on the part of the coordinators and will provide a significant help to the people when actualise, hence worth commending the effort of everyone that supports the initiative.

However, the committee is also aware of a concern that the group lacks a formal structure (at an executive level) that can be accountable for the funds being solicited and collected as well as the delivery of project/s. This is a concern from some members that the committee has learned. Therefore, the committee would like to make a general advice that any group/s in Janjangbureh or operating in the name of Janjangbureh should ensure that their actions are guided by transparency and accountability in order to foster mutual trust between committee level and members, who would normally provide funds for the implementation of group objectives. Where there is a lapse in leadership to ensure a proper system is in place would leave us vulnerable and risk of losing support from the membership and donors who sponsor our activities and projects. The committee believes that one of the fundamental challenges that groups of any kind faces is creating mutual trust between the leadership and membership, thus, accountability cannot therefore be over emphasized.

Due to the concern brought to our attention about this matter, the committee deem it necessary to weigh in and inform everyone that there are different associations operating in the name of Janjangbureh with similar aims and objectives which if achieved, would serve all of us for the greater good. Our people in Janjangbureh need such activities to be conducted to help facilitate improvements of livelihoods and so therefore, the committee implore on all groups to ensure that due diligence is taken to uphold the basic reason(s) for the creation of the groups and that their groups are properly administered and coordinated. We hope that this message serves as a good course for ourselves (Janjangbureh Foundation) and all other groups in operation and appeal for all to look into the matter objectively. We stand to be corrected on any of the issues raised above and are open to dialogue with all groups. The committee will not also ease in complimenting efforts by any group should our help be required and where necessary.

It should therefore be in the best interest for all groups to see this undertaken successfully implemented and completed for the intended beneficiaries in the town so as to spur natives and friends of the town to willingly participate in fund raising activities without having to be confronted with trust issues in the future.

Janjangbureh belongs to all of us and we shall strive to make it better in our own little ways.

On a final note, we would like to thank all the groups in Janjangbureh for their relentless efforts to see the town move forward. The only thing constant in life is change and change we must bring to our motherland. Our doors are always open for collaborations with any group and we will provide the necessary support where it may be needed.

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