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Please Like And Share It..! A boy with a blocked nose can be a symptom of sinusitis, according to the Mayo Clinic. Here's why: Children with asthma, allergy or an infection in the nose may breathe through their mouth to protect their lungs from infection. Nasal congestion and fluid build up may result in a cold. Some children who have asthma may also develop a "cold" in the nose, as well. This is known as a "rhinitis," and the symptoms can mimic those of a sinus infection. Rhinitis can also be caused by overuse of steroid nasal sprays, according to KidsHealth. In some cases, doctors can give children medicine to relieve their symptoms. For other symptoms, the doctor may recommend physical therapy or treatment by an ear, nose and throat doctor, says KidsHealth. Because the problem isn't serious, if your child is acting up, it may be a good idea to "just leave it alone and let it go away," says the WebMD site. 4. Picky eating If your child won't eat a particular food or won't eat at all, ask your pediatrician for advice. According to, parents should ask whether the baby's refusal to eat is a product of not being hungry, not knowing what she or he wants to eat or a reaction to something in the meal. The advice on says that most picky eaters outgrow the problem in the first year. 5. Headaches A child with a headache should always see a doctor for a thorough examination, says A doctor might ask about your child's symptoms and history. He or she might check blood pressure and ask about how often the headaches are occurring. Headaches can be caused by a variety of conditions, so it's important for a doctor to rule out serious problems, says According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the most common causes of headaches in children is a viral infection. Another condition that can cause headaches is migraine, which has many different types. Some of the most common symptoms of migraine include sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting, according to the Mayo Clinic. 6. Tiredness or lack of energy Children who are tired all the time or seem to have low energy are sometimes not getting enough to eat, according to WebMD




Removewat Windows 7 Download Softpedia [Latest] 2022

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