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About US

Janjangbureh Foundation


Janjangbureh Foundation is a charitable Association set up to contribute to the development of Janjangbureh by its natives, friends and well-wishers. Its main aim is to participate in every form of development of Janjangbureh from food production to animal rearing, infrastructural development to socioeconomic promotion. This processes focuses on both individual strengths and group dynamics to enable the objectives of the charity to be achieved. It aims to achieve such results from a bottom up and participatory approach with members paying annual subscription fees.


The Foundation springs from the recognition that Janjangbureh and its people's life's needs to be improve and no other people can serve better at the forefront than the people of Janjangbureh itself. So it is against this background that natives of Janjangbureh set up this charity to do their quota for the Town.


The foundation shall be govern by a democratic process with elected members of the Executive Board charged with steering the affairs of the charity in a two yearly term limits. The membership will comprise of the natives of Janjangbureh currently living in The Gambia and also in the diaspora whilst also encouraging friends and well-wishers to join the course.

A Brief History Of Janjangbureh


Janjangbureh (colonial Georgetown) is a 20 sq. km diamond-shaped Island, separated from its north and south banks by two narrow 200 metre wide branches of the River Gambia. It is the first and the largest of the group of Islands occurring along the Central River Valley. Surrounded by several village communities, Janjangbureh has been accorded a unique physical, cultural and political position within The Gambia. It has been a crossroads for migrating people, a gateway for major trading posts, an agricultural centre and a cradle for Western Education and civilization in The Gambia. These areas of human endeavour have, over two centuries significantly contributed to the uniqueness of this Island community.

Armitage Senior Secondary School

Armitage Senior Secondary shcool (formaly Armitage High School) was established in 1927 by then Governor of Georgetown, Cecil Hamilton Armitage and it is perhaps the oldest school in The Gambia. The school became a post primary boarding school after World War II. Presently, Armitage is serves as a teachers’ training college where prospective student teachers converge for training when schools are on holiday.


Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the local economy and one of our main priority areas for development. Janjangbureh has great potential for irrigated agriculture especially rice, with fresh water from the River Gambia.

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