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President - Modou Jobarteh

Modou came from Jackson Street in Janjangbureh and he is a son of late Oustass Jobarteh. Modou went to Methodist Primary School and later to Tahir Senior School in Mansakonko. From There, he enrolled on a two year program in Integrated Rural Development specialising on Gender and Development at the Rural Development Institute (RDI). Upon completion, he quickly gained employment at the Department of Community Development as a Community Development Assistant in the KMC Region.


Modou is now resident in the UK where he served seven years in the British Army as a Communication Specialist. He has resigned from the British Army and is currently waiting to emberk on a degree program at Aston University in the UK. Modou is married with a two year old beautiful daughter. 


Read Modou's responsibilities as mandated in the constitution here.

Vice President - Lamin Makalo

Lamin Makalo also commonly known as DOU was born and bred in Jackson Street in Janjangbureh.  Lamin is a son of Mayel and he attended Methodist Primary School in Janjangbureh and subsequently Nasir Ahmadiyaa High School in Basse where he completed his high school education. Lamin is now resident in Leeds in the United Kingdom where he works as a Computer Technician.


Read Dou Lamin's responsibilities as mandated in the constitution here.

Secretary General - Ebrima Sankareh

Ebrima, a son of late Kebba Sankareh was born and raised in Jackson Street in Janjangbureh. He attended Methodist Primary School, Crab Island Junior School and subsequently Armitage Senior Secondary School where he completed his senior education in 2000.


Shortly after graduating from Armitage, Ebrima embarked on a two year program in Architectural Draughtsmanship in Building and construction at Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). Upon completion, he worked for GamWorks and Total Design Studios in a twelve months period.


Ebrima travelled to the UK in 2003 and attended Walsall College of Technology where he gained BTEC National Diploma in Building and Construction. He also completed a Foundation course in Computing at MKET in 2008.


Ebrima now works in the health sector in UK.


Read Ebrima’s responsibilities as mandated in the constitution here.

Deputy Secretary General - Kekuta Jallow

Kekuta is a son of Jula Camara and Mawdo Jallow of Janjangbureh. He grew up at his uncle's village at the surrounding of Fulabantang,  where he attended his primary education. In 1993 and upon completion of his primrary education, Kekuta gained entry into Armitage Junior Secndary Schoold and subsequently Armitage Senior Secondary School where he graduated. Shortly after graduating, Kekuta was offered an assistant managerial position at Brid Safari Camp where he worked for three years. He then moved on to embarked on a one year program in Basic IT and Business Tourism at International Business College, during which he also held a position as a General Manager at Gunjur Beach Hotel.


To progress his career, Kekuta quickly moved on from his managerial position at Gungur Beach Hotel to take on a role as a Resident Manager at USA Peace Corps The Gambia  for the next two years.


Kekuta is one of the founders of Janjangbureh Youth Future Concern Association (JYFCA), where he held the position of Secretary Ganeral for three years. In 2008, he went back to college in a pilot project for Sustainable Tourism Development and Entrepreneurship program at Institute of Travel and Tourism The Gambia. Kekuta was one of the top students and as a direct consequence won a two year scholarship  to study in the UK.


Kekuta is now settled in the UK where he works as a community mental support agent in Lincolnshire.


Please read Kekuta’s role as mandated in the constitution here.

Chief Financial Officer - Muhammed Dambelly

Muhammed also know as Kaka was born and raised in Janjangbureh. He went to Methodist Primary School and later to Armitage Senior Secondary School where he graduated in 2000.


Shortly after graduating, Muhammed secured employment at Bird  Safari Camp from 2000 to 2001. He then went to The Gambia College from 2001 to 2004 where he earned Primary Teacher Certificate (PTC) and subquently taught for one mandatory academic year at Brikamaba Lower Basic School as part of the PTC program. 


In 2005, Muhammed emberked on a two year program in Advance Diploma in Accounting at Management Development Institute (MDI). In 2007 and after successfully completing his Advance Diploma at MDI, Muhammed gained employment at Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank Gambia Ltd) were he worked for further three years.


Muhammed travelled to United States in 2010 where he works at Lake Whatcom Treatment Center in Washington State and also attend part time College.


Please read Muhammed’s responsibilities as mandated in the constitution here.

Assistant Accountant - Alieu Sankareh

Alieu, a son of late Kebba Sankareh was born and bred in Jackson Street in Janjangbureh. He attended Methodist Primary, Sankuley Kunda Primary School and subsequently Crab Island Junior Secondary in Banjul and Armitage Senior Secondary School where he completed his senior secondary school education. In 2001 and shortly after graduating from Armitage, he picked up an internship role at Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) as a Pharmacy Technician before moving to the UK in 2002.


In UK, Alieu served in the Infantry regiment of the British Army as a Communication Specialist for five years, during which he also achieved a Certificate in Computing and Mathematics with Open University.  He resigned from the army in 2008 to embark on a four year master’s program in Computer Science at the University of Southampton.


After successfully completing his Master’s program, Alieu secured employment with a global technology company as a Technology Consultant.


Please read Alieu’s responsibilities as mandated in the constitution here.

Deputy Social Secretary - Yaya Barry

Yahya, a son of late Ebrima Barry who was commonly know as Barry Koyo was born and raised in Jackson Street in Janjangbureh. He attended Methodist Primary Schools and subsequently Bansang Secondary School where he completed his secondary education.


Yaya moved to the UK in 1999 where he currently lives with his wife and three beautiful children. He works in Manufacturing Industry as a Freight Relocation Specialist.


Please read Yaya’s role as mandated in the constitution here.

Project Manager - Ahmed Hydara

Ahmed, a son of late Ibrahim Hydara commonly know as Ebou Hydara is from Jackson Street in Janjangbureh. He attended Methodist primary school from 1992-1998 and subsequently Bansang Upper Basic School from 1998 to 2001. Having completed his junior education,  he gained admission into Armitage senior secondary school from 2001-2004.


After successfully completing his Senior education, Ahmed embarked on a combined Diploma in Marketing, Management and Information Technology at International Business College. In addition, he achieved Certificate in Geographical Information System(GIS) and Remote Sensing via distance learning courtesy of Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (MESA).


Ahmed is currently the Program Coordinator of Janjangbureh Youths Future Concern Association (JYFCA) and also the Secretary General of Armitage Ex Students Association.


Read Ahmed’s responsibilities as mandated in the constitution here.

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