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Welcome To Your New Home of Janjangbureh Foundation

Welcome to your new Janjangbureh Foundation website. Design to keep you informed and updated with the affairs of the association and developments taking place within Janjangbureh. This website seeks to give you every information that you need to know about the association.

Before going into details of how to find information on this site, I would like to say a special thank you to all those who have contributed technically or content wise in ensuring that the website is up and running within a relatively short space of time. Also a big thank you to Muhammed L. Saidykhan for contributing the first blog of this site. Muhammed is a native of Janjangbureh who has taken a keen interest in Journalism and without hesitation he jumped at the idea of becoming the first blogger to publish his work on this site about Chosano (Recounting On Janjangbureh Cultural Festival) that is held in Janjangbureh in every five years.

The Home page is our news and blogs section where you can find latest information about Janjangbureh as well as blogs and articles on issues within and surrounding Janjangbureh. You can comment on articles and blogs if you like but you are advise to comment constructively. We also welcome those that want to contribute to the blogs and encourage them to send in their articles to publish here. Also don't forget to check out the event calendar in Home page which will detailed all the upcoming events for the association.

The About Us page gives details about the association including how it came to existence and the structure. The page also gives brief description about Janjangbureh as well as the agriculture and educational sectors in the town. At the bottom of the page, you can find a link to our constitution which is a downloadable document.

The Membership page explains registration and annual membership fees in detail. By clicking on the members and donations links, you can see a list of members currently active as well as donors.

The Income & Expenses page is where you can find information about detailed Income and expenses analysis. Click on the links in the expense table for receipts of transactions carried out.

The Gallery page shows pictures of Janjangbureh natives, common trees and various other areas of the town. If you would like to share pictures of Janjangbureh, we ask that you send us those that are suitable for publication.

The Contact Us page is where you should use to write to us about information, queries, concerns and any other issues that you may have. The messages are monitored for improvement of the website and the association.

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