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Janjangbureh Foundation 2017 Annual General Meeting - Minutes

Attendees - Modou Jobarteh, Doulamin Makalo, Alieu Sankareh, Kekuta Jallow, Ebrima Sankareh, Baba Boss Drammeh, Yaya Barry, Alieu Seesay, Nmamma Dampha, Momodou Barry (MB), Balla Bamba, Saikou Dampha, Alieu Sohna, Jane Smith, Mbassey Sambou, Mammy Dampha Sankareh, Maimuna Bojang Jobarteh, Kissima Juwara and lots of beautiful children..

First of all our warmest thank you to all the attendees without whom this would not have been a success. A special thank you to our elders and Jane Smith (Just ACT) who have shown tremendous support by turning out in good numbers. Your support haven’t gone unnoticed and on behalf of the executive and the general members we say a BIG THANK YOU.

The event was structured in a series of presentation by executive members, each focusing on their area of responsibility. Please see below screenshots of the presentation. The discussion points as covered in the presentation and also during the open floor discussions are as follows:

Action plan – our year to date action plan with dates that we have been able to accomplish. This is essentially a snapshot of where we are from the beginning of our financial year to date.

Action – action is on all members to support this year’s Newattan fund raising. A final round of fund raising will take place before the end of Newattan which is currently taking place in order raise money for the prize money.

Financial Statement – In total the Foundation have raised a total of £590.00 so far this year. Annual subscription accounts for £250.00 while donation accounts for £340.00 of the total amount.

Since the Foundation was formed, we have so far raised a total of £2,708.12. This total include all the donations, subscriptions, and registration fees collected during this period.

A total of £1,574.16 has been spent on the mosque project to procure carpet, PA system, as well as mend the leaking roof and two broken doors.

Figures mentioned above excludes the yearly Ramadan contributions.

Pending action - Kaka Dambelley & Baba Boss Drammeh to send regular reminder on social media such as WhatsApp forum about registration, subscription as well as donations.

Audit Report – every dime that the Foundation spent has been accounted for. All the receipts are kept for transparency and accountability. The expenditure breakdown of the mosque project is as follows:

- Carpet – D61,860.00

- PA System – D15,000.00

- Installation of PA system – D500.00

- Fixing of two mosque doors – D500.00

- Maintenance of mosque roof – D5,000.00

A total of D82,860.00 has been spent on the mosque project. A detailed breakdown of the Ramadan expenditure can be found in the presentation screenshots below.

Activity Report – although the Foundation has only being in existence for just over a year but we have been extremely busy in terms of the activities we have been able to accomplish. These are our achievements so far:

- 40 bags of sugar distributed across four weeks during the 2016 Ramadan.

- D82,860.00 spent on the central mosque project procure carpet, PA system, etc.

- Five box full of sporting gears donated to Janjangbureh District Sports Committee.

- 18 bags of sugar and 22 bags of rice distributed at central and Ahmadiyya mosque during the course of 2017 Ramadan.

- 5 Trophies Bought and sent to JJB Sports Committee for this year's Nawettan

T-Shirts & Marketing – The Foundation is proactively looking at ways in which to raise funds. 50 T-shirts have been printed and are being sold at £10 each without postage or £12.50 including postage.

Action – Aja Nano Touray & Yaya to advertise the sale of the T-Shirts on the WhatsApp forum as well as on other social media platform.

2018 AGM Venue – members have unanimously agree to hold the 2018 AGM in London. Where about in London has yet to be agreed upon but factors such as cost, parking will be a major consideration for the final selection of the venue in London.

Action – Executive to select a suitable date for the 2018 AGM. Agreeing on a date is a prerequisite to any effort to be made to book a venue.

AOB – a number of interesting and important points were raised during AOB and they are summarised as follows:

Promoting the Foundation and its activities through reaching out to individuals directly. For example, by creating eFlyer of Foundation’s activities and emailing directly to individuals.

Action – Alieu Sankareh & Kekuta Jallow to design an eFlyer and send to the foundation mailing list.

Responsible use of the Foundation WhatsApp platform – it was noted that the barrage of random messages flooding our WhatsApp forum is putting some people off and are thus quitting the group as a direct consequence.

Action – action is on each member to use our most effective platform responsibly.

Below are the screenshots of the Power Point presentation.

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