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Janjangbureh Central Mosque Mortuary

I want to share an information that I was privileged to acquire from one of the most prominent committee members of Janjangbureh central mosque and felt the need to share with all natives of JJB...

The main reason we come together to form The Janjangbureh Foundation is to be actively involved in the development processes of the very town we all come from without any form of prejudice or discrimination against any individual or group of individuals. Since its inception just over a year ago, we have accomplished various projects aimed at improving conditions of service and extended help to those who may be in need at tough times. We continue to seek the participation of every Georgetonian and friends of Janjangbureh to join us and increase the amount and level of help we wish to achieve. The Foundation is open to any natives and friends of Janjangbureh and our collective participation to make this work will be beneficial to our relationships between us but more so those we aspire to help back home. In those days, we have been told stories about how JJB used to be the 2nd capital and how it was the envy of other satellite villages around it and still now remains to be the only habitat with a "town" status outside the urban area. We may not get those glory days back, but we can proudly come together and work hard for the town that has given each of us so much today. Places like Brikama Ba and Bansang has over taken the mighty JJB in terms of every aspect of development and this is not by accident. It is because of the natives both in the diaspora and home coming together to recognised that the government cannot do it all for them and understand the need for standing up for their various communities to contribute their quota and thankfully, their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

In JJB, we are blessed to have lots of people abroad and very good citizens at home too and it is good for us to remind each other to stand up and be counted. In that way, we can collectively improve the living of individuals and groups of individuals undertaking their own development initiatives in the town.

Coming back to the reason of the article, I have been informed that the death house in the mosque of JJb has no means of preserving a body in the event of death. We will all recall that burial is always done in a matter of hours without the decease been properly examine for certain cause of death and lots of us will ask why such haste in burying the death. Well, to simply put, they travel to Bansang to buy Ice blocks to help them keep the body until burial. It is an open secret that Electricity is not the best in those areas hence ice blocks may not always be available. Now, we as natives should look to intervene in this situation to enable families to properly prepare for burial of our death ones as oppose to having to think about how much limited time they must bury the death. ​

Therefore, I would like to provoke a discussion amongst and between us to do something about this and I have a strong conviction that we can do something about this as it affects everyone of us. Collectively, we have every opportunity to sort this out. We can either get an air conditioning unit or a refrigerator to the death house, but that decision will rest on our determination to do something about this and do it soon. We can always do more when we come together especially something that affects all of us.

The executive committee is open to discussion(s) on this but can be done on the forum too. We patiently wait for your cooperation on this matter.

“Together we can.”

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