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Thank you for your generous donations. As always, we and the people back home are extremely thrilled to have your support. Through your donations we have been able to exceed the amount we raised last year. Your continued support truly make the difference for people back home, and we are extremely grateful! The breakdown is as follows:

Amount Raised

UK - D40,950 (£650 @ D63/£ exchange rate)

US – D17,000

Total raise = D57,950

Itmes Purchased

Rice – 18 bags

Sugar – 18 bags

Paper bags – 210


Rice and sugar will be distributed at each Friday prayer during the course of Ramadan starting today to allow every the opportunity to benefit. Pictures of the first distribution have been shared above thanks to Justice Saidykhan.

1st Distribution – 10/05/2019

Main Mosque – 4 bags of rice & 4 bags of sugar

Ahmadiyya Mosque – 2 bags of rice & 2 bags of sugar

2nd Distribution – 17/05/2019

Main Mosque – 4 bags of rice & 4 bags of sugar

3rd Distribution 24/05/2019

Main Mosque – 4 bags of rice & 4 bags of sugar

4th Distribution 31/05/2019

Main Mosque - 4 bags of rice & 4 bags of sugar

Price Break Down

A bag of rice = D1,175

A bag of sugar = D1,425

A paper bag = D10


18 bags of rice purchased:

18 x D1,175 = D21,150

18 bags of sugar purchased:

18 x D1,425 = D25,650

215 paper bags

215 x D10 = D2,150

Total spent = D21,150 + D25,650 + D2,150= D48,950

Balance = D57,950 – D48,950 = D9,000

The balance of D9,000 is currently planned to organise an Iftar for one Friday and this will be a pilot run to gauge how popular it is.

Again our highest gratitude and appreciation – we are so grateful for your support.

Thank you.

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