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Achieving Success Through Active Participation

For anyone who has been part of a successful business, union, association etc. understands the value of communication and being proactive. Oftentimes people will want to take a back seat and allow others to lead the way even though group dynamics play a very important role in driving associations forward.

There have been examples of lots of societies failing not because there were no genuine desire to succeed, but by the lack of communication amongst group members, complementing group efforts and contribution of ideas to group discussions and matters. Participation by every group member in the decision making process, key issues and group activities are key to any group’s success. Normally each member will be determined to achieve the common goals that brings them together and drives satisfaction from achieving those goals together as oppose to silently following the progress of a group. Thus a member can be proud of the legacy that the group will leave behind and also the changes it has been able to achieve individually and collectively.

As stated in Splendid Literarium by Aberjhani ''Discourse and critical thinking are essential tools when it comes to securing progress in a democratic society. But in the end, unity and engaged participation are what make it happen''.

This beautifully sums up that engaged participation in the end is what makes things happen rather than silently tracking group progress or issues.

Let us all be proud to be part of something that will bring meaningful development enshrined in our ''About Us'' page on the website. I have a strong conviction that the lessons learnt from the past experience of similar groups, will stand us in good stead in ensuring that we build a strong base to work from. A strong base coupled with active participation will allow us to succeed in our desire to make it work this time.

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